About Dribblin

Hi, I’m Jake Cripps and welcome to Dribblin. I am very passionate about fashion and art. ‘Dribblin’ evolved from drawings I did when I was younger; as my style developed, it was clear they could be perfectly merged with my love of fashion.

All the designs have some ‘dribblin’ effect and style. I get my inspiration from the people around me and what is going on in today’s world. I wanted to create designs that had more emotion to them and provoked a response from the viewer and wearer.
Fast fashion is having a huge effect on the environment, so we are trying to do our bit by ensuring all our products are ethically sourced, fair wear and organic. The garments and materials are of a high quality yet still maintain a relaxed feel. All packaging is Eco friendly.
All designs on the T shirts and the back of the hoodies are screen-printed. The print is textured and raised, this ensures the high quality and feel of the garments. The caps and front of the hoodies are all embroidered with the name ‘Dribblin’.
‘Young minds’ is a charity who help to support young people who struggle with their mental wellbeing, such as anxiety and depression. Here at ‘Dribblin’ we donate 5% of all profits – this is particularly needed during the Covid-19 pandemic as they have seen a huge increase in calls due to anxiety levels.

You can see what’s new and up and coming through the blog or social media.
We really hope you enjoy owning and wearing our garments.